Nutritionist (UK), have been practicing for over 10 years
Nilufar Aripova
Helped over 5,000 women change their lifestyles
I am Nilufar Aripova
I am currently working on my Diploma in Nutri Therapist at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Richmond UK.

I got carried away by nutrition and healthy eating in 2012, when they hadn't really talked about it yet.
Nutritionist with an individual approach to each client.
It all started with the fact that in 2011, with acute pain in my shoulder, I went to a local GP (general practitioner in the UK).

I was prescribed Ibuprofen (common) and recommended sports.

I went to the gym, to some group classes, tried to be active, but precisely because of the pain in the joints, I could not fully exercise.

My futile attempts to find a 'magic pill' for the problem did not go anywhere, the weight gained and I got worse. Fibromyalgia (shooting sharp pain in the muscles) was added to my 'bouquet', it was painful to walk and move, since every step I took was given by a sharp piercing pain in my shoulder.
There was only one way out of the situation - to find it myself. Many years have passed since then. I went to my health for a very long time by trial and error. The knowledge gained in numerous courses at various universities in the world (Wageningen, Stanford, Emory, Australian New Castle University of Nutrition, Glasgow University), I applied to myself and my loved ones.

At this time, I became interested in bodybuilding and in order to better understand how physiology and biomechanics of the body work, I entered the courses of Personal trainers and fitness instructors and received certificates

(Level 2, Level 3). I even managed to compete in bodybuilding at 47 years old.
During my studies, I created a Facebook group and began to share the acquired knowledge and experience with the girls. My example has helped many women get rid of unwanted habits and feel better. My clients have achieved excellent results (see Testimonials). The study has not stopped, and most likely it will always continue. After all, Nutritionology is constantly being updated.
My symptoms are far behind and now, at 50, I feel better than ever. I am active, full of strength and energy, which is what I wish for you.
I share my knowledge on the pages of social networks, but I give more detailed personalized information during personal communication at consultations.

Anyone wishing to receive recommendations for correcting nutrition, as well as get rid of chronic fatigue, dissatisfaction with their well-being and regain energy and vigor, sign up for a consultation and receive an individual nutrition plan.
It is important to
Healthy weightloss/
family nutrition
Pregnancy care
and postpartum
Sleep hygiene
and overcoming stress
Restore hormonal balance
Be energetic all day
and increase efficiency
I have created special
Tailor-made programs
investment - £800
duration - 12 weeks
Consultation with monthly support 1 month
investment - £300
duration - 1 month
One-off session,
meal plan
investment - £50
duration - 1 hour
Not sure which package to choose?
Sign up for a free 15 minute consultation
Nutrition for Families
In simple and understandable language about complex scientific data.
We have put together an information and practical course for you for family use.

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What people say about me
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Aripova Nilufar Abdullaevna
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